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The Joy of Nail Vinyls and Liquid Latex

When I first started doing nail art, I cut up scotch tape to try and make stencils. I worked alright, and is a legit option if that’s all you’re able to get a hold of. However, nail vinyls are awesome and pretty inexpensive.


One of my first attempts at nail art – done with scotch tape! (Please don’t roast my hangnails lol)

I also remembered the first time I was on Instagram and I
saw someone use liquid latex as a cuticle barrier. As someone who was notorious
for messy nail painting – talk about game changer! This is one of my favorite products, see more of my favorites here!

Putting it together

I present two products that make clean nail art a closer reality – nail vinyls and liquid latex! Twinkled T has great nail vinyl sets that are pretty cheap, and I also use their Liquid Lace latex. Since I’m a fan of Simply Nailogical, I did use Simply Peel’s liquid latex, but my issue with that one was it seemed to get chunky in the bottle after a while. This Liquid Lace is definitely more watery in the bottle but it’s easy to shake up and I’ve had mine for months and it is still just as good. It peels of very easily with no residue. 

Peel off the stickers when the polish is still wet to get clean edges. Then, make sure to use a top coat before adding vinyls, or else it can rip up the layers underneath. 

About this polish

The nail polish used here is from a Portland brand called Claws Out, using the colors Matriarchy and Hot Rock. I found this brand recently and instantly loved it. All their polishes donate to different organizations that do amazing things. Hot Rock donates to Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls and Matriarchy which donates to a gun reform organization. Check out their website here.

Products Used

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