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St. Patrick’s Day Nails

Maybe a little late – but here are my nails from St. Patrick’s Day! I love the marbled look, and it’s so easy. This was  a super simple look that I actually did pretty quickly. I first painted my nails white to make sure that the color would really pop. If you’re using any pastel colors, it can be difficult to sponge them on and make them show up. Using white as a base will really help in this case.

I grabbed two green shades that I thought would like nice together (listed at the bottom). Then I simply spread them across a sponge and stamped them on until I liked the look they made. If you’re doing this technique, it may take a few coats to build up the opacity. Also, in this case I had a pretty dark green along with a pastel creme green. It’s pretty easy for the darker color to take over the nail. I overcompensated with the lighter color and used the darker color sparingly – and I’m pretty happy with the distribution! It can help to have it dry a tiny bit between applications.

Using my festively-colored liquid latex

Of course, the liquid latex (which is one of my favorites!). For stamping, any type of marbling, gradients, you name it. I just put liquid latex on the fingers I wanted to stamp to make clean up just a bit easier. I’ve been into doing two accent nails lately. I chose this design because I thought it looked somewhat close to a four leaf clover! Once the stamping is on, I peeled of my latex and finished off with my favorite top coat. This whole look only took about 20 minutes!

I’m so happy to be going into Spring, living in Portland, it can be pretty gloomy. This is when the sun starts to peek through (every once in a while) and it does wonders for my mood. 

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