Superchic Lacquer Anything

If you’ve seen any nail post from me ever, you will know what the Superchic Lacquer Macro Top Coat is a staple for me. But this company has my favorite formula out of any polish brand I’ve ever tried. I only have a few, because they’re a bit expensive, but definitely worth the splurge when you can swing it. Their polishes are pretty thick, which I personally really like. Plus, they dry SO fast. This is definitely the fastest drying brand out there. In two or three minutes it’s pretty much done. A big complaint I used to have about painting my nails was how long it took to dry. If you’re like me and impatient, then this is 100% what I would recommend.

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Essie's "Say it Ain't Soho"

This is probably my favorite color in my collection. I have to tell myself to stop using it so much because it’d be boring for everyone to see me continue to wear the same polish over and over. I love the formula, the sheen, and the color. It’s pretty opaque in one coat. Also, Essie in general has been changing their brushes I believe. They used to have very skinny brushes, but I’ve noticed they have more wide, rounder brushes and I love those types of brushes. I feel like you get more coverage in one stroke and it makes the area around the cuticle look very clean.

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UNT Peel Off Basecoat

I’ve stolen this and the Superchic Lacquer top coat from Simply Nailogical. This is definitely the best peel off base coat and it is a must if you do your nails a lot. I change my nails at the very least once a week, so I often don’t use a normal base coat. It makes much more sense for me to use a peel off base coat so I don’t have to scrub acetone all over my fingers multiple times a week. It’s clear and it comes off beautifully, I’ve never had an issue with this and I recommend it very much.

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TwinkledT Liquid Lace Latex

Again, this is a product mentioned in many of my posts. This product is pretty watery in the bottle, but I like that. I’ve had other liquid latex brands that seem to get chunky in the bottle pretty fast. I’ve had this bottle for a few months and it is still very fresh – in fact I’m almost running out. Despite being green, it doesn’t leave any stains and peels off perfectly. 

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