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Easy Heart Nail Art

I present to everyone – my first nail art tutorial! Here is a super cute look I did using Caramello by KL Polish and Licorice by Essie.

Find a surface for practice

Non-pro tip: If you’re not great at freehanding – invest in a silicone nail mat. That way you can practice designs with your dominant hand and make decals to just place. If you don’t have one, no worries, I actually only got mine somewhat recently! Before I used a Ziploc bag, and that works pretty well. Using your mat or plastic baggy, paint a design onto the surface.

Let it dry and decorate

I painted my base color down in a small rectangle on my mat. After 10 minutes, I used a dotting tool (a bobby pin works just as well) to draw the small hearts. Once that is dry, cover it with a clear polish or a top coat (check out my favorite top coat here!). You can do as many as you want. I do a ton so that I can pick which ones came out the best! After that is dry, you should be able to grab a side of the decal you made and lift it off the mat.

Finish it up!

Apply any coat (doesn’t matter which polish) and stick the decal on your nail. I use little scissors. If you don’t have those, you can just press down around the sides with a tooth pick and gently rip off the excess. Next you want to get out a cleanup brush or a nail art brush. Dip it in acetone/nail polish remover and gently press the sides of your nail. This melts the decal into your nail so it will stay and blend right in.

It will also look like you painted it straight on yourself, so everyone will be so impressed with your ambidextrous-ness. Add a top coat and you’re done! I just did this on two of my nails, but you can do it however you want. Get a somewhat intricate design without having to start over constantly!

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