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Classy French Tips for People Who Can’t Paint


Doing more classic or simple looks is hard for me. I love the look of classic French tipped nails, but I just get bored so fast (in my defense, I get bored of all my nail looks fast). I did this look and I liked it a lot because I thought it looked pretty sleek and clean, but still gave a bit of an update to the classic look.

Getting Started

I used a white polish and just freehanded the smile line across the tips. It wouldn’t be perfect, but that’s okay for this look. I was pretty happy with this white polish, it was pretty opaque even with light coats. Also, despite it being one of the cheapest polishes in my collection – it’s my favorite consistency compared to the other white polishes I own.

Working with what you've got

After that, I put on a quick dry top coat (check out my favorite here!). This is an important step because when you put down the sticker you may want to pick it up and move it. If you have the top coat on, it will make this much easier. Also, at this point, I sprinkled a tiny bit of silver powder onto my ring finger while the polish was still wet. I wanted the accent nail to have a bit of shimmer. This would be easier if I had a glitter polish, but I actually don’t!

Once that dries, I just cut up a bunch of striping tape into little pieces. Using tweezers, I carefully placed them right under the white. It took a bit of adjusting, but I finally wiggled it right into place. Once they were all where I wanted them to be, I put on another coat of top coat and voila!  

For future reference...

The challenge with this one is using striping tape. It can be difficult to work with and it can be hard to get the pieces without messing up your nails. What I recommend is to get more than enough pieces laid out before you even start painting, that way you don’t have to deal with it while your nails are drying.

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